From Potential To Production

Offered services regarding process engineering and design:
Boilen Company is able to provide full service and support regarding process design in BAT (Best Available Technology) level using state-of-the-art technology.
Generally, our process design department deals with the following fields:

Process design of new chemical-technology process units, especially oil&gas
Conceptual design, off-line simulation, balance and yield scheme, utilities consumption, process flow diagrams

Flare system design and process safety analysis
Design and process calculation of flare stack, thermal radiation zone determination, re-design of existing flare system, acoustic and vibration analysis of flare header, emergency de-pressuring and design of blowdown systems

Process re-design of existing chemical-technology process units
Technological process improving, capacity increasing, bottlenecks identification and debottlenecking, process optimization, case studies from process point of view

Design and calculation of pipelines for fuels and energy
Complete process design, hydraulic calculation, pipeline networks

Energy analysis of process, PPA
Heat utilization, optimal arrangement of hot and cold process streams (pinch point analysis)

Providing of services and supports regarding Oil&Gas projects in design phase
Process design consulting according to requirements, process studies, process calculations

In the frame of offered engineering services regarding process units design and re-design as well, we are succeeding in following refinery operations:

  • Atmospheric Distillation Unit & Re-distillation unit
  • Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Asphalt Blowing Unit
  • Asphalt Filling Unit
  • Sour Water Stripping Unit
  • Tail Gas Treatment Unit
  • Flare system, Flare unit
  • Amine treating unit (sour gas treatment)
  • Pipelines, such as oil pipelines, product pipelines, heat transfer pipelines

Additionally, in long-term cooperation with our partners, we are able to design following technological units:

  • Hydrotreating units of naphtha, kerosene and diesel
  • Isomerization units
  • Semi-regenerative reforming units

As knowns, the core activity in process design/re-design is to create process model of new or existing/modified plant and based on this model to design the optimal arrangement with emphasis on energy cost saving, maximal yields of product.
Based on this fact, we deal with the research in the field of process modeling and quasi-stationary off-line simulation of unit operations in refinery and petrochemical industry to provide excellent process design and re-design of real process units for our potential customers.
Furthermore, we are working on In-House Software creation and its administration with regard to state-of-the-art technology in Oil & Gas.
Our motto is

“Think about your model as a real operation plant”.